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My level of excitement to launch Pride Analytics and Consulting has reached an all-time high. Like many cannabis businesses, the Pride Analytics and Consulting journey has not been without challenges, obstacles and setbacks – however nothing has been able to shake our enthusiasm and direction. I truly believe our experience and expertise in commercial testing facilities is going to make a difference for not only the consumer, but also the cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors in the cannabis realm.

My background is in agricultural testing where I’ve worked to grow our family business for the past thirteen years.  We’ve developed from a single laboratory in Wisconsin to a global entity with 15 locations worldwide during my tenure and we are still family-owned and operated. One of our laboratories is located in Visalia, Calif., where we receive a myriad of products for characterization with an abundance of hay samples from brokers and dairies in the Central Valley. I distinctly remember meeting some hay brokers in 2014 who were dropping off their hay samples for analysis.  I saw many of these customers open the bag and smell the sample. One day, one of the brokers remarked the “sample smells like marijuana” … my interest was piqued. Colorado had just legalized recreational cannabis use and I wondered if we had the capability to analyze marijuana with some of the same instrumentation used in our agricultural labs.

Five years later, after conducting research within a cannabis testing facility in Colorado, exploring the marketplace and locations throughout California, speaking with countless distributors and manufacturers, and deciding on the correct building and instrument specifications, we are finally ready to break ground on our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory in Cathedral City, Calif. We are definitely excited to get started, but also understand this is not a timeline that can be rushed. We need it to be right from the first sample we receive, and our customers can rest assured our experience and understanding of the laboratory industry will not allow us to compromise that integrity.

Please check back here for periodic updates as we move through the building phase. If you have any questions, I am always up for a phone conversation.  I look forward to learning from you, and applying this knowledge to make Pride Analytics and Consulting the industry standard for cannabis testing.


Zac Meyer

Raised in Ixonia, Wis., Zachery Meyer grew up immersed in his family’s business, Rock River Laboratory. Meyer gathered business experience at two prominent Fortune 500 companies while working toward his degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In 2007, Meyer resumed his involvement in Rock River Laboratory, starting as a soil sampler, moving to outside sales and eventually taking on his current role of vice president and director of operations. In 2014, Meyer began internal research with a Colorado-based cannabis testing laboratory where he gained insight and an understanding of analytical requirements for this crop. After years of investigation, in 2019 Meyer launched Pride Analytics and Consulting to serve the Southern California cannabis industry. Meyer still gathers inspiration from colleagues and mentors who cultivated his drive for customer satisfaction and service, while continuing to learn and deepen his understanding of analytical laboratory services. When he isn’t building relationships with customers or overseeing laboratory operations, Zac spends his time playing or watching sports, travelling and sharing in family time with his wife and two young daughters.