Enabling confident in-house quality control

Our expert team members are well-versed in cannabis analysis for research and development (R&D) as well as the nuances of setting up testing processes and programs. Along with our custom analysis opportunities, Pride’s R&D lab establishment services provide a perfect platform to develop a manufacturer’s internal scaffolding for testing new products. A tailored quality control program that includes custom testing to guide the product safety and purity process for continued success, without the headaches of starting from scratch, can be started with just a phone call. Contact us today to learn more about this service and the endless possibilities.

Pride provides an affordable suite of compliance testing, as outlined by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Exclusive analyses for developing opportunities

Pride’s customer partnerships are rooted in helping to achieve successes – including new opportunities. Testing clones, distillate, and other components to fine-tune and hone a safe and pure end product is key to development. Customization of such analyses for manufacturers is the advantage of working with an exclusive, small-run laboratory that focuses on quality control. With Pride’s expert team at the helm, we can put together tailored research and development (R&D) analyses that complement our quality control services to assist manufacturers in identifying opportunities and crafting products for safe end-user consumption.