Professionals with experience and integrity

At Pride, we think it’s important to live up to our name and take pride in the analysis we provide as well as the team who performs it. Each role is a vital component of our quality control, and attention to detail is their focus. It makes it easy for us to boast about our run to run consistency and accurate results when we are confident in the team that’s behind those promises.

Pride provides an affordable suite of compliance testing, as outlined by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Meet our team

Robert Goldman, Ph.D.

Laboratory Director

Dr. Goldman brings two decades of experience as a scientist and science educator to the cannabis industry. Dr. Goldman performed his undergraduate studies at the University of California Santa Cruz, earning a B.A. in Biology with a focus in Genetics. While an undergrad, Dr. Goldman worked in several labs on projects ranging from studying the dive response of elephant seals to unraveling the genetics of mate choice in fruit flies. Dr. Goldman moved on to the biotech industry after graduation, first working in immunochemistry, then moving onto Kosan Biosciences, where he was part of a team that helped develop a novel anti-cancer agent. Dr. Goldman eventually moved on to pursue his doctoral degree in Microbiology at the University of Houston. His dissertation work, funded by NASA and the Texas Space Grant Consortium, focused on the evolutionary mechanisms of radiation resistance in microorganisms as part of an attempt to understand how bacteria would respond on Mars and other extreme environments. After being awarded his Ph.D., Dr. Goldman went on to postdoctoral appointments at the University of Texas, where he also served as a Lab Manager, and then the University of Minnesota. Seeking a new challenge, Dr. Goldman took a position as a medical science liaison for a concierge medical practice in Los Angeles, reviewing the best science for clinical treatments and helping clinicians deliver better care to patients. Dr. Goldman eventually moved back into academia for a time, taking a position at Clackamas College in Oregon. Not soon after, cannabis was legalized in Oregon and there was a sudden need for testing labs. In 2015, Dr. Goldman was offered a position as Lab Director at one of the first labs in southern Oregon, and has remained active in the cannabis lab testing business ever since. He has run labs in Oregon, Alaska, and northern California, as well as worked with growers and producers to help innovate their processes and improve their quality control. Dr. Goldman accepted the position of Lab Director at Pride Analytics and Consulting in Cathedral City, CA in the summer of 2019. Dr. Goldman is now looking forward to building an industry-leading cannabis and hemp testing lab with the team at PAC.

Don Biedenkapp

Assistant Laboratory Director

Don graduated from Cal State San Bernardino with a BS in Chemistry. Don went on to spend the next ten years in environmental testing, where he became an expert in methods for volatile organic compounds, anions, perchlorate, halogenated oxyhalides, cations, pesticides, PCBs, and hydrocarbon chains. Don’s instrument expertise includes GC/MS, Ion Chromatography, Ion Chromatography/MS/MS, ICP, ICP/MS, and GC/FID. Don joined the cannabis industry in 2017 and has since been involved with three major California testing labs testing cannabis, developing and validating methods, and setting up instruments for residual pesticides on LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS, residual solvents on GC/FID and GC/MS, and cannabinoids on HPLC.

Corina Grodek

Analyst and Quality Assurance

Corina graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Biochemistry. While at UW, Corina researched applications for nanowire technology and trained at Argonne National Laboratories. In 2012 Corina presented her research on nano materials to the US Congress. After college, Corina moved into the cannabis testing industry, where she quickly rose from analyst to Lab Director at a laboratory in Portland, Oregon. Corina subsequently moved on to manage another Portland lab before moving out to the Coachella Valley to manage Quality Control for a major distributor. More recently, Corina has been working as a consultant in the cannabis industry in the Coachella Valley, and is now bringing her expertise to the Pride team.

Abby Sewell

Microbiology Lead

Abby received her BS in Chemistry and MS in Biochemistry from Kent State University in Ohio. Since graduating Abby has worked as a molecular biologist within the bio-pharmaceutical sector, where she contributed to projects involving high-throughput drug discovery as well as the development and manufacturing of intravenous viral-mediated gene therapies. Abby moved to California and started working in the cannabis industry in 2019, and now serves as theMicrobiology Technical Lead at Pride Analytics and Consulting. Her goal is to provide the most accurate and high-quality data to clients, while ensuring that only safe products make it to consumers.

Austin Russell

Project Manager

Austin attended Auburn University where he earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin working in the cannabis industry. He began by managing a concentrate pesticide remediation laboratory, after which he joined the cannabis testing industry as a Technical Liaison, assisting in daily operations and overseeing science communication. Austin is thrilled for the opportunity to continue to help clients succeed with clear and effective testing practices among Pride’s team of impassioned and principled scientists.

Francisco Gallegos

Heavy Metals Lead

Francisco Gallegos is a Coachella Valley native, born and raised in Indio, CA. During his early years he helped his father develop their family-owned flower nursery, where his hard work ethic was programmed and love for plants/nature was found. These irreplaceable traits plus others lead him to graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. His goal for Pride Analytics and Consulting is to provide high-quality laboratory work for the cannabis and hemp industries.