Accurate, consistent results for the core of your business

Compliance analysis for certification is the core of our customers’ businesses and we don’t take that lightly. We understand the importance of this analysis to all cannabis producers (growers, manufacturers, and distributors), and the end consumers alike – to make better decisions about both the processes utilized in creating quality products, and the safety of products chosen for consumption.

Pride provides an affordable suite of compliance testing, as outlined by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Because of the laboratory practices to which we adhere and equipment in which we’ve invested, we can ensure consistency from run to run. Pride has concentrated our resources and the great minds of our team and partners to stand behind the accuracy and consistency of our compliance analyses on various product types. All of these practices and compliance analyses provide all the pieces needed for safe products to occupy dispensary shelves.

We refuse to compromise best laboratory practices in order to grow volume and are able to stand behind all of our analyses because of this commitment. Review our standard compliance analysis package options and call our customer service team with questions that arise. We encourage you to check out our R&D Analysis options for other quality control package offerings.