Who we are

Built on a firm foundation of integrity and professional laboratory experience, Pride Analytics and Consulting serves the cannabis industry with an utmost commitment to ensuring product safety and quality.


California Cannabis Testing Laboratory License: C8-0000054-LIC

Ensuring Cannabis Safety & Quality

Why Choose Us?

Trusted Partners

The name says it all. And please, feel free to call us by our first name. We took this name as an extension of who we are – we take pride in our services and work hard to establish trusted partnerships through accurate, consistent analysis and shared guidance focused on our individual customers. We don’t claim to analyze the most cannabis in all the land, nor rollout the longest client consultation list. But that’s by design. We develop custom analyses that fit our quality and turnaround standards. We may not work with the end product users, but helping our customers feel confident in the products they provide those users is our mission.


We hang our hat on our quality control, and the best way to ensure that is through experience and quality systems. In-depth understanding of laboratory processes and the right equipment provide the groundwork for consistency, test after test. Our ownership boasts twelve years of experience running a network of fifteen professional agricultural laboratories across the US and abroad. Combined with our staff’s decades of cannabis industry experience, we are raising the bar on cannabis analysis expectations, beyond just the required certifications.


Bound by our commitments to integrity and quality, we have built a foundation of exceptional client service. Our professional team consists of experts ready to provide analysis interpretations for a better product. Our sampling team is trained and qualified to address challenges observed in the field. Logistically convenient, we welcome our clients and other industry members to visit any one of our laboratory locations. Stop in and say hi! We’d love to meet you. Better yet, give Pride a call today to learn more about the vast opportunities of a partnership.